Here is an example of an antique photograph that was ripped, stained and in very bad condition. Our editing department was able to scan the original photo and completely restore the photo for the client.
Here is another example of a photo restoration where we
took a digital photograph of an antique photo right through the glass.  It was yellow and fading badly, so we took the digital image and reworked it to what you see on the right.
Would you like to see your
favorite car on your business cards
or printed up on flyers?  We can do it!
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This is a bride's wedding photo and she wasn't happy with the final outcome.
Our photo editing team edited the photo for the client's composite.  They did
work on her hair, make-up, blemishes and lines in her forehead.  They also
removed the unwanted people in the background of the photo.  Needless to
say, the client was thrilled with her modified photos of her wedding day!  We
can do the same for you!